Wireless Solutions


– About Us –

80211 Wireless solutions is a solution focused company based in Melbourne and Adelaide. We focus on the entire solution from beginning to end.

We have expertise in long range wireless links, testing and validating existing installations and new installations on indoor and outdoor deployments using the latest technologies.

   Our services also include livestock tracking, Animal feed monitoring, remote monitoring of livestock and infrastructure, solar PtP and Mesh links.

We primarily focus on consulting, but also happy to “get out hands dirty”.

– Our Services –

Wireless Links

We have setup Point-to-Point links over 20km. Mesh network covering 400+ sq acres for asset tracking and camera feeds, See what we can do for you today.

Remote internet

Need to get NBN to that cabin in valley?, Need to share your internet connection with a stable or shed! We can help.


Apart from offering wireless solutions we can also recommend camera systems, Access control and integrating these in to systems that you can easily use.

Remote Monitoring

We offer remote camera feeds using solar and wind for those remote locations without power

– Contact Us –

Email: contact @ 80211.com.au

Mobile: +61 (0) 415 610 865